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The Art of You

Counseling & Creative Arts For All


Meet Our Team

Behind every organization are the devoted, creative, and inspired people who make everything run. Meet our engaging team today.

Children's Art Classes

Join us for our weekly gatherings where we start with an inspirational idea that is individualized to each child's unique likes and abilities. Attend as your schedule allows.


This class is for children ages 6-12.


our latest exhibits

Faces of the Sea by
Christian L. Stephens

Engaging faces made from found beach items:  driftwood, shells, stones, debris. 

Learn how to make these fascinating conversation pieces, write a story about what you've found and also learn about the destructive impact of plastics in our oceans.


Chris is a new member of the Edward King House; a retired counselor, advocate, and executive in the field of mental illness; an "outsider artist making 'free spirits'" from beach flotsam and jetsam and a local gardener, "declutterer," and storyteller focusing on recycling, repurposing, resilience and recovery.


Chris sells Rhody collectibles and his whimsical faces made from ocean waste, sea glass, shells and stones, at Armory Antiques, Downtown Designs, Tiverton Artisans Festival, and pop-up artisan fairs and festivals.  Plans are in the works for exhibits at The Hive in Wickford and at other East Greenwich and Newport venues.  His work can often be purchased at screenings of the documentary "The Plastic Ocean" or other environmental events. 


Chris's outsider art has been described as "whimsical," "unconventional," a "celebration of color and texture," "waste in your face found object art," "gender uncertain masks" and the work of an environmental advocate and "hairstylist to the ocean goers, Flotsam and Jetsam." 


Chris hopes that the goofy grins and smiling faces  of his creations compel their new owners to do something, however small, to reduce the plastic in our oceans, on our beaches, entangled in our marine animals, and entering our food chain.

Unique Home Decor by

Jorge Analco

Beautiful home decor made from found and repurposed household items including jute, burlap and pistachio shells.


Jorge Analco grew up in a small village in Guerrero, Mexico and emigrated to the United States in 2000.  Jorge is a self-taught artist and has explored numerous styles and media over the years.  His current work focuses on home decor crafted from found and repurposed items and simple materials.   Jorge lives in Lincoln, Rhode Island with his husband.

"The ideas for my work usually originates from random things I notice while going about my daily life - interesting objects, colors, or patterns which then evolve in my imagination.  Creating has always been like therapy for me.  When I am immersed in the process of using my hands to bring my ideas to life, the drama and stresses of life simply fade away."

If you are interested in seeing more of Jorge's work or would like to discuss a custom order, you may text or call him at 401-481-9800.

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