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About Us

At The Art of You, we believe in healing through the creative arts. Everyone has potential, now it's time to discover yours. 

Our Mission

Connecting people with their creative selves to promote healing, meaning and joy.

We Believe

Every person has inherent creativity.


Creativity is a pathway to expressing yourself, finding meaning and healing, and living life joyfully.


We can undo the inaccurate message that only certain talented people are creative.


We can help you tap into your own inherent creativity.

How We Do It

Counseling:  If depression, anxiety, trauma and/or addiction are getting in your way, we can help.  We use both traditional and holistic strategies to help you on your journey of healing.

Creative Arts:  There is so much to explore!  Try your hand at painting, illustration, storytelling, mixed media, jewelry-making and so much more.

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